Risk Disclosure

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This document describes potential risks associated with CFD and Forex trading in accordance with the requirements of the Financial Instrument Markets Directive (MiFID) and the requirements of the Inspectorate for the Supervision of Financial Organizations. Familiarization with it does not mean your consent to cooperate with the Exchange Terminal, but its content is based on the trading opportunities with our company. It should be noted that the Notice of Risk does not list all the risks associated with CFD and Forex trading, and the document is a guide for the Client, which is designed to help assess possible risks. Before making a decision on cooperation, consider all available information. If you are not sure that you fully understand the essence of the Risk Warning, contact a specialist.



Before you start trading on CFD and Forex, you should be aware of the risks. The high leverage associated with these types of investments means that the degree of risk compared to other financial products is higher. Leverage (or margin trading) can work against you, resulting in significant losses, as well as substantial profits. Margin trading involves a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. A high level of leverage can work against you in the same way as for you, and the speed at which profit or loss can be formed means that customers should closely monitor open positions - this is the only responsibility of clients to monitor open positions. Before you start trading, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of financial experience and risk appetite.

Interactive Portal trading platform "Only execution" "and does not advise you on trading activities!

Income from such investments in the past does not guarantee you a profit in the future. Also remember about commission and taxes.

Interactive Portal is not responsible for the taxes that may be levied on our customers who have trading accounts with the company.

There is always a link between high profit and high risk. Any type of market or trading speculation that can produce unusually high returns is at high risk. Only available funds should be at risk, and anyone who does not have such funds should not participate in CFD or Forex trading. Different instruments are associated with different levels of risk, and when deciding whether to trade such instruments, you should consider the following points described below.

General information about CFD

CFD – is a complex of financial products, when the termination of the contract occurs at the time of closing the transaction by the client, these instruments also have no expiration date.

CFD can be associated with futures contracts for some indices, precious metals, oil, commodities, cryptocurrency or financial instruments. However, unlike other futures, such contracts are executed only in cash. Remember that investing in CFDs is a risky investment in the future. CFD transactions may also include unforeseen obligations, the consequences of which are listed in clauses 3, 5, 17 and 18. CFDs are contracts for price difference, that is, the customer does not have rights to this asset, including the right to basic shares and voting rights unless otherwise specified in CFD.

Investing in Forex

Investing in Forex and CFDs on cryptocurrencies, indices, precious metals, oil and commodities is an investment in the future. Such margin transactions may include unforeseen obligations, the consequences of which are listed in paragraphs 3 and 4.

Remember that margin trading on Forex and CFDs on indices, precious metals, oil and commodities is one of the most risky investments in the financial markets, and it’s better to participate in them if you have experience. By speculating on precious metals, indices, oil, commodities and Forex, you risk losing all invested funds, so we recommend using only available funds, the loss of which will not affect your personal wealth or the welfare of your organization.

Foreign markets

Trading in foreign markets involves risks other than risks in the internal market. The possibility of making a profit and loss when operating in foreign markets or in foreign currency depends on currency fluctuations. In addition, risks include changes in the political or economic situation, which can lead to significant and irreversible changes in conditions, terms, availability and price of foreign currency.

Orders and Strategies that ensure risk reduction

The use of certain orders (for example, "stop loss" or " stop limit "), designed to limit losses to certain amounts, is not always effective because there are situations in which it is not possible to execute an order in accordance with market conditions or technical restrictions. The client must be aware of the risks involved in using such warrants or strategies.

Forex trading and CFD — are marginal transactions, during which not a one-time payment is made, but several payments against the value of the contract. To establish or maintain a position, you can completely lose the margin of your account in Interactive Portal. Interactive Portal assesses your open positions during the business day, so all profits and losses are immediately reflected in your account and losses can lead to the fact that you will be asked to immediately increase the substantial additional margin to maintain your open positions.

Interactive Portal has the right to change the initial margin rates and / or trading requirements at any time at any time, informing customers before the change, which may also lead to a change in the margin that you need to maintain. If you do not provide sufficient margin and / or donate additional funds within a certain time period, your open positions may be closed at a loss. In this case, you are responsible for settling the resulting deficit.


Derivative financial instruments are used to manage risks, and some investments are not suitable for all investors. CFD and Forex trading have great risks. Leverage transactions available for CFD and Forex trading allow you to make only a small deposit in order to start trading with Interactive Portal. This small deposit can lead to significant losses or profits. Operations with large leverage can fluctuate significantly in value, since changes in the value of the underlying asset or the level of the corresponding market factor are relatively small.

OTC Operations

CFD trading involves speculation on the expected price change for a certain underlying asset. Such transactions do not take place in traditional markets. The client enters into a contract for a financial instrument or underlying asset that he wants to trade in CFD directly with Interactive Portal. All positions opened in Interactive Portal must be closed by Interactive Portal and cannot be closed with the participation of the other party. Over-the-counter trading implies higher risks than trading in regulated markets. The fact is that there is no market in which open positions are closed, and prices and other conditions are set depending on legal and legal requirements. When OTC transactions increase the risk of liquidity, other serious risk factors become relevant: for example, the inability to estimate the value of the position in an OTC transaction or determine the level of risk. In addition, Interactive Portal does not charge buyer and seller prices, and in cases where it assigns, it is difficult to determine a fair price, especially if the relevant site or market is closed or their work is suspended.

You are also at risk of working with Interactive Portal; However, in the unlikely event that this happens, we are members of the Financial Services Compensation Schemes.


The prices published in the Interactive Portal trading platform (“Platform”) do not always correspond to prices in the broader market. Interactive Portal selects prices at closing time that are used to determine margin requirements, periodically adjust positions on a client’s account, and close such positions. We believe that these prices will correspond to prices in the interbank market or another foreign exchange or financial market (the “Underlying Market”). However, the prices used by Interactive Portal may differ from the prices for banks and other participants in the Underlying Market. Therefore, Interactive Portal has the right to set margin requirements and collect collateral at its discretion. Since the tools are partially related to basic ones, the client should also remember their risks, for example, currency fluctuations, uncertainty in price changes, imbalances (sudden price changes that can be caused by many factors, including economic events, changes in the market, the time when the underlying assets are not traded). A non-guaranteed stop does not provide protection against risks, does not act immediately and results in the execution of an order to close a position at the nearest affordable price.

Weekend Risks

Various events, changes, suspension of a trading session or holidays may occur on weekends when the market is closed, may lead to the fact that when you open a market or underlying asset, their price or level will differ significantly from the price or level set at the close of the market working or trading day. When markets are closed, customers cannot use the platform to place or modify orders. At the same time, stop-loss orders placed to protect open positions can be executed at a level below the specified price. The client assumes the risk and is responsible for the possible deficit of the account.


Trading over-the-counter contracts in a trading terminal is different from trading in other electronic systems, as well as trading on a traditional or open market. The activities of our clients are subject to risks typical of electronic trading systems, for example, hardware and software failures, system downtime, as well as risks of the communication infrastructure (for example, the Internet) allowing the client to work on the trading platform.

Intraday Trading

There are many operations you can do online intraday trading

Suspension of trade

In some cases, eliminating positions may be impossible or extremely difficult. This can occur, for example, if the price of the underlying asset rises sharply or falls during one trading session so that the trading of the underlying asset is limited or suspended. In such cases, the client takes all the associated risks and is responsible for a possible account deficit. The client must also take into account that, under certain conditions, Interactive Portal may be forced to close positions due to regulatory or exchange instructions, and Interactive Portal is not responsible for customer losses.


Before you start trading, you should receive detailed information on all commissions and other fees for which you will be responsible, as indicated in the Tariff Table available on the Interactive Portal website. Clients should be aware of potential costs or obligations that may arise in connection with the work on the following items: swaps, corporate actions, such as rights, dividends, stock splits, etc.


Any insolvency or non-performance of obligations may result in positions being liquidated or closed without your consent. In addition, you will transfer the full ownership and ownership of a portion of all the money that you will deposit to your Interactive Portal account. This will be the amount needed to secure your current or future, actual or contingent liabilities to Interactive Portal, including margin requirements.

Interactive Portal will determine the amount of money needed to secure your obligations to Interactive Portal t your own discretion on a daily basis (based on your daily open positions and trading subject to market conditions), which may be more than the margin requirements, you will not have no property claims for this amount of money, which will not be subject to segregation or other obligations in accordance with the current legislation, customer’s monetary rules and can be considered by the al into your account. Thus, such a sum of money may be irretrievable in the event of insolvency or non-performance of the Interactive Portal. Interactive Portal.


Your Interactive Portalis not responsible for any losses that may arise as a result of not received by the client messages sent by our company in any way. Customer agrees that Interactive Portal. It also shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the client as a result of unauthorized access by third parties to the client’s trading platform, except in cases of gross negligence on the part of company employees. The client is responsible for the security of access to this system. Interactive Portal. Logic strongly recommends that you do not record or save such information.

In addition, any client is informed and agrees that the main method of communication is electronic format, for example, by e-mail or by the information posted on our website.


Interactive Portal does not provide referral services and is solely a trading platform. Interactive Portal has the right to conduct a general assessment of the markets. This valuation should not be considered as individual investment recommendations, since it does not take into account the personal circumstances of each of the clients. Any decisions are made by the Client independently.

All the general information that we provide in our market analysis, webinars (online seminars), seminars, web pages or on external resources, such as YouTube, is the author’s personal opinion. It is not intended and should not be considered an action to sell or buy or hold a trading position under any circumstances.

Analysts and authors can trade or invest in financial products, such as stocks, Forex, CFD, futures and other instruments.

In accordance with the provisions of MiFID, we are obliged to evaluate the appropriateness of using the provided products for certain groups of customers. The company's agreement to the opening of an account by the client is not an individual investment recommendation and does not guarantee that the trade in these products is suitable for you personally - we only assume that such products can be suitable for individuals with the same knowledge and trading experience as yours. Assessing whether the service is suitable for you, we also collect information about your previous trading experience, information about financial assets, level of education and other information that is deemed necessary. We do not ensure that your financial situation remains unchanged. Customers assume sole responsibility for ensuring that we are aware of any information that may affect the relevance of the services offered.

Corporate solutions: stock CFD

Please note that in the case of implementing corporate decisions, conditions may be less beneficial than in the case of personal ownership of basic tools, since it may be necessary for the changes to be reversed and put into effect before the execution of the corporate decision. Thus, the client has less time to make a decision; available options may be limited or not so profitable, and the client may be in a position where it is impossible to close a position. Often, corporate events become known in a very short period of time and the client may not be able to close positions. This may lead to the fact that the client is required in the short term to provide funds to secure margins.

Sale of CFD-shares

A short sale of CFD shares is associated with additional risks that are not typical for long positions. In many cases, customers are forced to deal with the reverse side of a purchase transaction, for example, the issue of shares offered to shareholders of companies, which leads to the further sale of shares at unprofitable prices or to repurchase the rights to purchase shares for an additional amount. Interactive Portal unilaterally selects one of these alternatives and determines the conditions under which the transaction is carried out. A client may be required to deposit funds in a shorter period of time than in the case of transactions with underlying assets. The client may be forced to buy back shares in connection with corporate decisions, borrowing terms or regulatory requirements or changes thereof, as well as pay interest on loans while positions are open.

Position Monitoring

The client is solely responsible for monitoring open positions. While we are doing everything possible to close positions with used margin. However, we cannot guarantee this, therefore the client is liable for any losses incurred as a result.

In addition to this warning, please also read the following documents: Terms of Business, Execution Policy at the best price and other documents provided to customers on our site

Adjustment of dividends on CFD positions

Adjustment of CFD dividends for monetary indices

When any underlying stock that is part of the cash CFD index goes to an ex-dividend, the CFD price of the cash index will be adjusted to reflect this dividend. The specific proportion of the applicable dividend in CFD on the money index will be credited to the client's account for long positions and written off with short.

Dividend Adjustments on Share Index CFDs

Withholding taxes on dividend adjustments

Dividend payments will be credited to the customer’s account using any applicable withholding tax standards. Interactive Portal does not currently support or provide preferential income tax rates that may be available due to residency or legal status.

ХHedging positions

Position hedging. Please pay attention that the hedging of positions (both long and short positions in a financial instrument at the same time) cannot completely neutralize the risks that may arise, therefore automatic closing of trades upon a stop out can also be observed in this case. This may occur due to the following circumstances:

  • Gains / losses of a sell position are calculated at the Ask price, while gains / losses on the purchase are calculated at the Bid price. In abnormal trading conditions, an increase in the spread can lead to losses in your account, and positions due to lack of available funds will be automatically closed.
  • The calculation of profit / loss on open trades is calculated in the base currency of the instrument, which is converted at the rate in the trading terminal to the currency of the trading account. If the hedged positions are opened at different times, at different prices, and their base currency differs from the currency of the trading account, the profit / loss will also depend on the exchange rate change, which, if the quotes are unfavorable, can lead to the forced closing of transactions.