Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is entered into between the following parties, the relationship between which is governed by the Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the Agreement): Software Payment Logic, company number 24840 IBC 2018, registered at: Hinds Building, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines (the “Company”), and the user (natural or legal person) (the “Client”) of the www.i-pl.com site (the “Site”).

The client confirms that he has read and agrees with all the information, terms and conditions set forth on the site and available for the general public to study, including important legal information.

The Client hereby acknowledges that all Operations, actions, transactions, messages and (or) orders executed by it on the Trading Platform, including, among other things, through the Account and the Site, are regulated and must be performed in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and other documentation / information Online

By accepting this Agreement, the Customer confirms that it can receive information, including amendments to this Agreement, by e-mail or through the Site

A legal entity client may register with the Company not through the Site, but by sending an e-mail to support@i-pl.com. All conditions contained in this document, including, without limitation, clauses 1-5 above, apply to a legal entity that undertakes to always comply with them, as well as fulfill its obligations and exercise its rights.

Terms and Definitions

Account number – Your account is a unique personal profile registered in the name of the Client, which contains information on all transactions / operations of the Client on the Trading Platform (in accordance with the definition of this term below) of the Company.

KYC-documents – are documents that the Customer must provide, including, without limitation, a copy of his passport or other identity card and utility bill (for individuals) and / or certificates, which contain information about the chain of managers and owners up to the final beneficial owners (for legal entities), as well as any other documents that the Company may request at its discretion.

The market – is a market whose subject is Financial Instruments, and / or where Financial Instruments are traded, regardless of whether it is organized or regulated and is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines or abroad.

Transactions – are any actions performed on the Client's Account after the Client places an order, including, but not limited to, crediting funds, returning funds, opening and closing trade deals / positions and (or) other actions with financial instruments.

The trading platform – is an electronic system on the Internet, consisting of all programs and technologies that display quotes in real time, allow you to place / change / delete orders and calculate all mutual obligations of the Client and the Company.

Personal data

By accepting the terms of the Agreement, the Client gives his unconditional consent to the collection and processing of his personal data / information by the Company without the use of automatic means, since they are provided by the Client of the Company. In the context of this Agreement, the term “personal data” means: name, surname, patronymic, gender, address, telephone number, email address, Client’s IP address, cookies and information that may relate to the provision of Services to the Client (for example, trading history). Customer transactions).

The Client is obliged to provide correct, accurate and complete personal data / information at the request of the Company.

The purpose of the collection and processing of personal data is to comply with applicable legal requirements of regulatory authorities, including, inter alia, laws against money laundering, as well as compliance with this Agreement, including, among other things, enabling the Company to fulfill its obligations to the Client.

The Client acknowledges and agrees that for the purposes specified in the previous section, the Company has the right to collect, record, organize, accumulate, store, adjust (update, change), extract, use, transfer (distribute, provide, give access), depersonalize, block, delete, destroy personal data and (or) perform any other actions provided for by the requirements of regulatory authorities.

The Client consents to the storage and processing of his personal data by the Company in the manner specified in this Agreement during the term of this Agreement and for 5 years after its termination.

The Client hereby consents to the disclosure by the Company of personal data to third parties and their representatives solely for the purposes of this Agreement, including, without limitation, to facilitate the processing / execution of orders / operations of the Client, provided that (i) the personal data to be disclosed to such third party, consistent with the purpose of the disclosure and (or) is made solely for the stated purpose, i.e. to facilitate the activities specified above, and (ii) the Company will ensure that such third party applies personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

The company does not have the right to make personal data publicly available and (or) to disclose it for other purposes, except for the case when disclosure is required by applicable law and regulations.

During the processing of personal data, the Company undertakes to take the necessary legal, organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, provision, dissemination and other illegal activities.


The Client hereby confirms that he has read the statement of the risks associated with the use of the Services on the Site, which is available in electronic form on the Site, and accepts its conditions.

By accepting this Agreement, the Client acknowledges that he has properly got acquainted with the information contained in this Agreement and with a general description of various Financial Instruments and / or Services, as well as the risks associated with them, provided by the Company in the “Risk Disclosure”.

One-click trading conditions

The “One-Click Trading” mode allows you to perform trading operations on the platform with one click of the “Buy” / “Above” or “Sell” / “Below” buttons without any additional confirmation.

Turning to the "Trade in one click" mode, you acknowledge that you have read the following terms and conditions and agree with them.

No additional confirmation is required, so you will need to make sure in advance that all the set parameters correspond to your intentions. You will not be able to cancel your order after clicking on the “Buy” / “Above” or “Sell” / “Below” buttons (except for the 3-second cancellation period in the case of binary options), and after opening a deal, you can edit only a few parameters such as “Limit loss” and “Fix drawdown” when trading CFD contracts. Under normal market conditions and the proper operation of the system, the market order will be executed immediately after the order is sent, and you enter into a binding transaction.

By selecting the “One Click Trade” mode, you understand that your order will be sent after clicking on the “Buy” / “Higher” or “Sell” / “Lower” buttons without confirming the order. You agree to accept all risks associated with the use of your chosen order sending mode, including, among other things, the risk of error or accident when sending an order.

You exempt the Company from any damages, costs and expenses that may arise as a result of such errors or accidents made by you or by any other person who trades on your behalf.

If you agree to the terms of trade in one click, select the option “Buy in one click” when opening a transaction on the platform. If you do not agree with the conditions, do not select this option. Do not use the “One-Click Trading” mode.